May 24, 2007

Knit & Sew: What Is Amiss?

This time, I let my imagination go wild and crazy. It is unlike anything I have done before, I havent even seen stuff like it. Not saying that nobody has done it before, but this is so unique for me that I am utterlay astounded.

I knitted a "piece" out of worsted, handspun wool (singles), one day when I was having a "down" day. I mounted it on natural colour Linen fabric, and backed it with a piece of a torn fleece blanket. The knitted thing is sewn onto the linen and fleece by hand - once around the outline, and outlining some of the largest holes/eyelets (multiple eyelets in many cases) too. It was machine quilted (Rather badly, boo) on my new Husquarna. The thing I like the most is the edging. I sort of unvented the mitered corners, but they do look good. The edging also gave me a feeling for how to attach such a thing, what it depends on and how to make it look good on the backside. All very valuable things to know for the big blankie.

The corners are unruly, but I like them that way.

The only thing I dont like is that it is so.... brown. Even the fleece on the back is brown. I used "what I had", meaning that the edging is a piece of the backing for my large blankie etc. - but it is so brown. I want some colour in there. I have thought of trying to hand-embroider "FLY" in the lower left corner, how would that look?

Have a really nice day'


May 23, 2007

Shoot the metal circular...

..and give me a decent, wooden one! I have approximately 6 3.5mm metal circs (And didnt buy one of them, heh :-D ), but none of them work for knitting worsted at such a tight gauge. Ebony, I say, EBONY!! Why can't I knit the whole Fanakofte on my Ebony 3.5 mm's? I doubt it will ever get finished if I have to push and pull and bother with metal circs for the next 45000 stitches!

Ebony, oh why are you so expensive... O, Please appear magically next to me... *sigh*


May 20, 2007

One Husquarna, Two Husquarnas, Three...

....Husquarna everywhere! Husqvarna Viking Emerald. Bought on sale here in Denmark, both my SIL and I could not resist. My mother owns a Husqvarna Viking she got 10-11 years ago, and it has always been a good workhorse. My own asthmatic machine just wont do for the patchwork and clothing sewing I have done some of in the past time.

The one in the front is my SIL's, and the one in the back is MINE! We started out sewing some adorable burp clothes, but as soon as I learn how to freehand quilt with my machine I will be off, quilting my Wolf Blankie.

Have a really nice day - now with a post brought to you from all of us to all of you :-)

/Lene, Renana & Ute

May 17, 2007

Creative for Two!

Here is the Fana Sleeve, take two. Also known as the second sleeve - it grows lightning fast, which it is not supposed to because I only have yarn enough for this sleeve until Sunday, when I return to my own home.

My mother was also very creative, and has spun this beautifull silk yarn for a summer top. She dyed it herself, and in real life it is a washed-out lavendar colour.

Jean: The beautifull sweater is in "Best of Lopi", which is a hard-back book that can be found on Amazon, among other places. There are also some other gorgeous designs.

Have a really nice day

Ute and Lene

May 15, 2007

Inaugural Post

Dear reader of our blog.

I want to present myself, my Name is Ute and I am Lenes mother. As every other mother I am very proud of my daughter. She is a very good knitter, spinner and now patchworker. Lene learned to knit and sew, when she only was a little girl, but she never wanted to do it more
than for five minutes or so. She had to be a grown up woman before knitting became her favourite hobby. It is very nice for me, to have a daughter I can share my hobbies with. We have a lot of fun og many nice hours together knitting, spinning and sewing patchwork.

Lene had the idea that we share this blog. Tankyou for that , Lene. My english is not very good, but Lene promised to read my text and correct it. My motherlanguage is danish and german, because we belong to the danish minority in Germany. People say, that the language you dream on, that is your Mother langugage. If that is true, I have two danish and german.

My newest project is this nice little sweater for my grandchild. I knitted it in a norwegian wool called Peer gynt. It is a Lopi design and I love it very much. My daughter in law too loves this design, so the little boy had to get it now, where he is going to be a big boy - running around and try to say "farmor" (grandma).

PS: My mother is quite busy right now, so I agreed to put this up here. I know she has many other pretty things to show you, but that will have to wait until she can and want to do it herself :-) (Or I get my hands on the original pictures, since the ones she sent me were shrunk into oblivion - ah well)

May 13, 2007

Wash or Not?

Does one wash a finished quilt top? I do not remember doing it with my baby quilt, but it puckers ;-)

Some of the fabrics may be prewashed, some are definitely not.

Just thinking about this to tide me over until I can do some other fun stuff - What batting will I use, what backing (I *want* the Pink Polkadot fabric, yeah! *grins*), binding - a bias tape or my wolf fabric? How should I quilt it? That is probably the hardest part. I have seen some lovely machine quilted pieces with pretty shapes all over, but I also somehow want to *whisper* hand quilt it, to honour the handsewn squares that make up the "Meat" of the blankie. The quilt my mother made me is mostly hand quilted - it is made up of squares and rectangles where each side is 5 cm or multiples thereof,and mostly black-and-white, with musicians, piano keys, notes etc. :-) She quilted notes, C-keys and some other things onto it - it is gorgeous, of course.

So, Handquilting and machine quilting maybe? I could quit little flutterbies all over it.. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll just let my mind flow and imagine, and when the time comes when I will quilt it, I may have *The* idea. Suddenly, the top will speak to me and tell me what it wants to be. (Says she who spent fourhours on the floor arranging squares for a Hourglass Baby Blankie).

The blue fabric is a heavy cotton with little white flowers. I cut up a lot of fat quarters in pink and blue colours (Actually, the pink ones were for a blankie for my sister that got postponed for so long that it disappeared). I had tried out many different arrangements, but none seemed to work until I put the blue squares in one end and the pink in the other, putting all identical squares tip-to-tip (Instead of trying to arrange them so that none would touch). I had at least two, and in one case 8 identical squares because of the piecing method used.

Have a nice day


May 12, 2007

I'm so tired.

Got up very early and went to the Equestrian Games my riding club is arranging this weekend. It was quite good. I'm so tired because I was constantly herding people, horses (catching some too), running from one place to another. Sadly, I wasnt riding, and wont tomorrow either, but it is great fun to see all the great horses all the same.

Here is the finished Patchwork top. The picture is weird. I am too tired to redo it. Isnt it lovely? The pink corners are really nice and bring the blanket from "Tone in Tone with grey background" to "Hey That's a nice blankie!".

Here is also a finished Fana Sleeve. I have cast on for the second now, and may finish the starry cuff band tonight. It is lovely, but heavy - I bet I could take a walk in the snow with in (If we get any snow) without feeling cold. Provided I am wearing other, appropriate clothing, like pants and boots.

Have a really nice day


May 11, 2007

Many Many stitches

My mother rescued me today.

She brought me 1/4 yard of fabric so that I would have enough for sashing (<-- Ha! I learned a new word!) between the two sides of the quilt, freeing up the wide fabric to make a border on top and bottom. There will also be corners in the new fabric - a totally unfitting, yet strangely cool hot pink with light pink polka dots *giggles*.

She did not do my Fana-kofte any good though, because I got on a roll and sewed the whole top together. I cannot decide if I think it is too narrow? It is 55"*82" without the binding. (That is 140 cm * 205 cm) I have a wonderfull quilt that is about 54"*70", and if anything I would wish for it to be wider. But the narrow sashing (in the wonderfully, hideous and gleefull pink-polkadot fabric) looks so good.

I also had a visit by my paternal grandparents, which turned out nicely (They admired my furniture, my quilt, my kitchen and my orderly finances), but kept me from Fana, too. When they left, I got cracking and sewed the whole top even though I only thought I would sew half of it - and by the time I wanted to cast on another sleeve, I left to do some voluntary work. That's it, my day was gone (in a good way), and I may have a nice warm quilt for next winter. If I decide on how it shall be quilted and get it done, that is.

Have a really nice day.


PS: Yes, YAY indeed! Just a leeetle different from the picture :-)

May 10, 2007

Yay or Nay?

For once, this is not about knitting, but if you squint and look through the door to my bedroom, you can kind of see the fana sleeve... heh.

This is a quilt I am making. It will be my first adult size quilt - well, first and first, I did most of the piecing for a quilt my cousin Nehle got a few years ago, because we were on a strict deadline, my grandmother broke her arm, my aunt and mother both were crazily busy - so I was the only one left. I have also sewn a baby quilt for my nephew, and while it is gorgeous it is not ideal because it was only backed with fleece.

My best friend gave me three handsewn pieced blocks with another one on cardboard and ready to go. They were sewn by his late wife around 1989, probably for his daughter, but never got finished. When he moved, he gave them to me because he knew I probably would make something out of them. They are delightfully 80'ish - pink in the gruefully way.
They had an awkward measurement. 50*50 cm. I t made sense, though, when I examined the rest of the fabric that was stashed away with it, because there were strips whose measurements indicated that the finished size would be something along the lines of 115*170 cm - perfect for a petite teen girl. There also was enough fabric to make two more squares.

I sewed the other square together, and let it sit for a while while I was thinking. There was not enough fabric of two kinds to complete two more blocks. But, when I was in Taiwan a while after, I found a bunch of Fat Quarters in delightfully 80'ish pinks! To machine sew the two squares, I tried to take measurements on the paper pieces. They turned out miniscule! It must have had something to do with the extra fabric around the edges of the cardboard. I bordered the blocks with a fantabulous wolf fabric. That was when I tried to find a way to make the squares larger without making them look goofy. My mother and I counted and discussed and drew for a while until we agreed on the 33,33 degree turned angle the squares are in now. We made a few mistakes with the triangles, and will have to cut two more since two were turned the wrong way (You can see how I laid the with the wrong side up).

The red strips are original ones (The fabric also appears in the squares) that I was about to put away, but suddenly thought... Why not see how much there is? If it can work with my idea in some way? (I have enough of the narrow to go between all blocks).

So, what do you think.

Yay or Nay?

Have a nice day


May 09, 2007

Fana Sleeve

Here it is!

Courtesy of my mother, who yesterday asked me "When do we get to see a picture of your "Fanakofte"? Shouldnt you be finished now, thick needles and all?

Irony, Irony (I hope). It is knit on US 4 needles, with Dale Heilo and Knitpicks undyed Wool of the Andes. I am changing the pattern a bit, because the original sleeves probably would have been huge. I dont like huge sleeves. Long is OK, but wide, nah.

This sleeve has used up a bit more than one ball of the red until now, and I have (had) 11 of the red balls. If my grandmothers formula of 3:5 applies here too, I should be just fine with oneandahalf ball for each sleeve and five (or more, since there is no armhole shaping) for the body.

I am a little sad that I could not knit the whole sleeve with my Ebony Holz and Stein DPN's, because they made the knitting such a joyfull experience - having good tools pays off!
Already looking forward to start the next sleeve or the body soon, when I have finished the star motif on top of the sleeve, because that means I can knit while reading again :)

Have a nice day


May 07, 2007

Say Welcome!

The blog title has changed, as you might have noticed, because I have invited my mother to join me here. She has wanted to start blogging but not been entirely sure, so we thought it would be a nice thing if she could test it before comitting to it.

My mother is a skilled knitter, accomplished mother of four and can cook really good :-)

I hope that she will post here within the next few days to show off a few of her wonderfull works - among others, a duck sweater for the most charming Nephew that I have.


May 06, 2007

Right On!

My sleeve / swatch had 24½ stitches to 4" before washing and pinning, but 22 stitches to 4" after washing. That is spot on gauge! Very exiting. The Fanakofte will be my test run before I start the big and complicated Peer Gynt Anniversary Sweater, which has a star all-over motif, and a nisse riding on a moose-like animal right smack in the middle of the star pattern. Oh my, it looks like the colourwork is winning over the lace - but not for long, my WIP's do want to be finished. I am just multitasking.

Have a nice day



"Cast on 151 / 163 / 175 / 187 / 197 / 209 / 245 / 257 /267 / 279 stitches with 2,5 mm needle, and knit stockinette back and forth for 4 cm...."

Swatch swatch, I am supposed to have 22 stitches to 4" (10 cm) over stockinette on 3,5 mm needles (The 2,5 are for the hems only). With worsted weight? Hm. I have knitted this Dale Heilo on 4,5 mm's with 20 st / 4". My mother even has used a 5mm with it.

I am yet undecided which size I will choose - but it will not be the largest :-) Either the M or the L - this pattern ranges from 2 yars to XL, where the XL is 134 in the bust. My actual bust is somewhere around 107 cm, so 123 or 129 cm at the bust should be good. This is a buttoned cardigan, after all. (But I really dont want a whole foot of ease! I am SO over knitting sacks!)

Have a nice day


May 05, 2007

Stairway to Heaven

These are the "Stairway to Heaven" socks - only one in the picture, because I did not have a photographer and was unable to get both feet to look good at once.

They are knit in Lornas Laces "Purple Club" - the first skeins of this yarn that I have ever touched, and they are so wonderfull. Thankyou Emily for helping me get it. It took over a year to knit these because I got caught up in lace shawls. The pattern is of my own making, and breaks up the colours nicely - better in real life than in my washed-out picture. I chose to call it Stairway to Heaven because the first sock was knit on planes and in airports. (And because I love the movie, the ending is really something that can make me cry).

Tomorrow I can start my Fanakofte! Yay!

May 01, 2007

Wicked Pictures

My new favourite spring/fall sweater! It is simply gorgeous, feels good, fits really good, and is perfect for when you are not entirely comfortable with just a tee, but dont want a long-sleeved tee - and for many occasions in between.


Dale heilo, on sale, in a rich, yellowish brown.

Pattern: Reverse-engineered "Wicked" from Zephyrstyle, with many many alterations, for example CO 10 st. under the sleeves to avoid excessive pucking under the sleeves.

Time: Five days, from April 25 til April 30.

Amount used: 6 balls and roughly another ½ ball. That means i used maybe 650 yards?

Comments: Fits, is warm, has a nice colour and cost me 5$ to make! It does not get much better than that. Plus, it makes me feel like a woman and not like a tent, a thing that is a good thing. (I have felt like a tent for years when I weighed well over 60 pounds more than now)

I will leave you with a bonus picture:

Into the Sky!


PS: Thank you, stalking weirdo. You make me feel special, spending time and noticing when I post, making me laugh and help me grow self confidence. It is just like having a good friend, except, you obviosly are not :-)