May 09, 2007

Fana Sleeve

Here it is!

Courtesy of my mother, who yesterday asked me "When do we get to see a picture of your "Fanakofte"? Shouldnt you be finished now, thick needles and all?

Irony, Irony (I hope). It is knit on US 4 needles, with Dale Heilo and Knitpicks undyed Wool of the Andes. I am changing the pattern a bit, because the original sleeves probably would have been huge. I dont like huge sleeves. Long is OK, but wide, nah.

This sleeve has used up a bit more than one ball of the red until now, and I have (had) 11 of the red balls. If my grandmothers formula of 3:5 applies here too, I should be just fine with oneandahalf ball for each sleeve and five (or more, since there is no armhole shaping) for the body.

I am a little sad that I could not knit the whole sleeve with my Ebony Holz and Stein DPN's, because they made the knitting such a joyfull experience - having good tools pays off!
Already looking forward to start the next sleeve or the body soon, when I have finished the star motif on top of the sleeve, because that means I can knit while reading again :)

Have a nice day


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Mother of Chaos said...

Oh, I like it! Beautiful!