May 11, 2007

Many Many stitches

My mother rescued me today.

She brought me 1/4 yard of fabric so that I would have enough for sashing (<-- Ha! I learned a new word!) between the two sides of the quilt, freeing up the wide fabric to make a border on top and bottom. There will also be corners in the new fabric - a totally unfitting, yet strangely cool hot pink with light pink polka dots *giggles*.

She did not do my Fana-kofte any good though, because I got on a roll and sewed the whole top together. I cannot decide if I think it is too narrow? It is 55"*82" without the binding. (That is 140 cm * 205 cm) I have a wonderfull quilt that is about 54"*70", and if anything I would wish for it to be wider. But the narrow sashing (in the wonderfully, hideous and gleefull pink-polkadot fabric) looks so good.

I also had a visit by my paternal grandparents, which turned out nicely (They admired my furniture, my quilt, my kitchen and my orderly finances), but kept me from Fana, too. When they left, I got cracking and sewed the whole top even though I only thought I would sew half of it - and by the time I wanted to cast on another sleeve, I left to do some voluntary work. That's it, my day was gone (in a good way), and I may have a nice warm quilt for next winter. If I decide on how it shall be quilted and get it done, that is.

Have a really nice day.


PS: Yes, YAY indeed! Just a leeetle different from the picture :-)

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