May 24, 2007

Knit & Sew: What Is Amiss?

This time, I let my imagination go wild and crazy. It is unlike anything I have done before, I havent even seen stuff like it. Not saying that nobody has done it before, but this is so unique for me that I am utterlay astounded.

I knitted a "piece" out of worsted, handspun wool (singles), one day when I was having a "down" day. I mounted it on natural colour Linen fabric, and backed it with a piece of a torn fleece blanket. The knitted thing is sewn onto the linen and fleece by hand - once around the outline, and outlining some of the largest holes/eyelets (multiple eyelets in many cases) too. It was machine quilted (Rather badly, boo) on my new Husquarna. The thing I like the most is the edging. I sort of unvented the mitered corners, but they do look good. The edging also gave me a feeling for how to attach such a thing, what it depends on and how to make it look good on the backside. All very valuable things to know for the big blankie.

The corners are unruly, but I like them that way.

The only thing I dont like is that it is so.... brown. Even the fleece on the back is brown. I used "what I had", meaning that the edging is a piece of the backing for my large blankie etc. - but it is so brown. I want some colour in there. I have thought of trying to hand-embroider "FLY" in the lower left corner, how would that look?

Have a really nice day'


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Emily said...

I think it would be interesting to have "FLY" in the corner. It's like a collage already, so the more elements the better I think!