May 10, 2007

Yay or Nay?

For once, this is not about knitting, but if you squint and look through the door to my bedroom, you can kind of see the fana sleeve... heh.

This is a quilt I am making. It will be my first adult size quilt - well, first and first, I did most of the piecing for a quilt my cousin Nehle got a few years ago, because we were on a strict deadline, my grandmother broke her arm, my aunt and mother both were crazily busy - so I was the only one left. I have also sewn a baby quilt for my nephew, and while it is gorgeous it is not ideal because it was only backed with fleece.

My best friend gave me three handsewn pieced blocks with another one on cardboard and ready to go. They were sewn by his late wife around 1989, probably for his daughter, but never got finished. When he moved, he gave them to me because he knew I probably would make something out of them. They are delightfully 80'ish - pink in the gruefully way.
They had an awkward measurement. 50*50 cm. I t made sense, though, when I examined the rest of the fabric that was stashed away with it, because there were strips whose measurements indicated that the finished size would be something along the lines of 115*170 cm - perfect for a petite teen girl. There also was enough fabric to make two more squares.

I sewed the other square together, and let it sit for a while while I was thinking. There was not enough fabric of two kinds to complete two more blocks. But, when I was in Taiwan a while after, I found a bunch of Fat Quarters in delightfully 80'ish pinks! To machine sew the two squares, I tried to take measurements on the paper pieces. They turned out miniscule! It must have had something to do with the extra fabric around the edges of the cardboard. I bordered the blocks with a fantabulous wolf fabric. That was when I tried to find a way to make the squares larger without making them look goofy. My mother and I counted and discussed and drew for a while until we agreed on the 33,33 degree turned angle the squares are in now. We made a few mistakes with the triangles, and will have to cut two more since two were turned the wrong way (You can see how I laid the with the wrong side up).

The red strips are original ones (The fabric also appears in the squares) that I was about to put away, but suddenly thought... Why not see how much there is? If it can work with my idea in some way? (I have enough of the narrow to go between all blocks).

So, what do you think.

Yay or Nay?

Have a nice day


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