May 12, 2007

I'm so tired.

Got up very early and went to the Equestrian Games my riding club is arranging this weekend. It was quite good. I'm so tired because I was constantly herding people, horses (catching some too), running from one place to another. Sadly, I wasnt riding, and wont tomorrow either, but it is great fun to see all the great horses all the same.

Here is the finished Patchwork top. The picture is weird. I am too tired to redo it. Isnt it lovely? The pink corners are really nice and bring the blanket from "Tone in Tone with grey background" to "Hey That's a nice blankie!".

Here is also a finished Fana Sleeve. I have cast on for the second now, and may finish the starry cuff band tonight. It is lovely, but heavy - I bet I could take a walk in the snow with in (If we get any snow) without feeling cold. Provided I am wearing other, appropriate clothing, like pants and boots.

Have a really nice day


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