June 29, 2007

Ocean bag (Havtaske)

Here is the Ocean Bag:

It was a very quick knit. It was from Bendix Garn homepage, and will be entered in her contest for "Knitting beyond the Edge". I've always wanted that book!

Oh, seems I shouldnt have hurried as much as I did, the finish date has been moved a month into the future. I guess it is only fair if she wants more entries :-)

Have a really nice day


June 28, 2007

Circular - mostly for Lilly

Lilly, you did not leave an E-mail adress as far as my sleepy eyes can gather - so this is a blog post solely for you :-)

I am knitting the Fanakofte on Susanne's Ebony Circulars (US Link), because I love these so much - and they are perfectly compatible with this yarn and my knitting style. I tried to use INOX grey coated circulars, but they gripped the yarn in an uncomfortable way, while the ADDI's I tried just made a mess out of it. This yarn is a very wooly one, one that has not been altered since wooden and bone needles were all the rage.

It was a very kind offer of you, but I have a whole box overflowing with circulars from size 00 to 35 :-)

I will probably see how the Pony Rosewood Needles will work for me - this Internet Shop is by now also a Brick-and-mortar-store in the next City over from my parents. Wonderfull. (It is by ther way where the Yarnharlot got her Kauni - I've been buying my Kauni and Evilla there for years)

But again, thanks a lot for being so kind with your offer :-)


June 27, 2007

Pitter - pattering around.

These past days, it seems I am just pitter-pattering around. At least I got the camera out now to show what I am doing, which is, after all, the main point of this blog.

Here is a Pinwheel Square out of some of the fabrics I used for the Wolf Blankie. I had just found the leftovers again (They were gone... I had put them on a storage box and placed another one on top of it, oops), and there were 7 triangles that were nor used in the blanket. seven? What can one do with seven triangles? Cut an 8th and make a pinwheel square, for example. In my mind, it is bordered with other scrappy fabrics and made into a pillow case to match the blankie / quilt. It was real quick, didnt take 10 minutes.

This is fun. I called the picture "OceanBag". Havtaske. That's a fish species that tastes quite well, mmmh, and it had me laughing at that brain fart for quite a while. Made out of one of these self-striping yarns (Kauni? Evilla? Dont remember) that I have a few of in stash. It will be felted, and is just a good inbetween project, seeing as how I broke the circular in the Fanakofte *sigh*.

Here I am being all sneaky, can you see? It is the Doll Quilt. Sneaky and thrifty. It is all scrap fabrics, and the binding will be bicoloured. Oh, and speaking of thrifty: The batting is a fleece blanket I am slowly cutting up into small pieces for all kinds of stuff. Who cares? The quilting shows, and it is not like it will have to warm somebody, right? I have also made a whole blankie (quilt) with just fleece as backing - and my SIL thinks that this is such a great idea that she is making one for her son, too!

Mmmhh, yarn! Handdyed in gorgeous greens. Really gorgeous. Can one make a cardigan of sorts with 1400 yards of Sport/DK weight? In a size 12-14? A short-sleeved lacy cardi? (nothing cropped...)
Oh, and I guess that means that your yarn and your books have also arrived mom - sorry for not telling you, but I have not hidden them, and the books are GREAT, you will love them!

The "It pains me to look at you" - Project: Fanakofte.
You are standing still at 45 cm, and I am so sorry for that! I wish I could knit on, but I will offer this excuse: My grandmother is clumsy. She broke your circular :'-( Seriously, this was going so swimmingly, and now my mothers circular is broken. I will pay a new one, of course, but in the meantime I must wait. They are hard to come by.

That's it! (No it isnt. There are things marinating - but I dont talk of them. They'll come out, some time or other, to rip or flourish in the light of my attention and their beauty).

Have a nice day


June 25, 2007

I'll just delete...

... Everything that happened from 7.10 PM yesterday, ok?

... I broke my mothers Ebony needle that I am knitting Fanakofte with. Currently at 12 repeats of 13-14.

... My sisters most beloved Guinea Pig died. Catastrophy!

... My riding club will be closed down, probably :'-( Just because people cannot manage to be nice to one another. I am thinking about *doing* something, but maybe not.

...And it even was my birthday!

Oh, and the Doll Quilt is finished but for the binding, which I will put on today! (and the label). That's nice, and I will send it off July 12, to my Pal, who should have it just a few days later, seeing as how we're on the same continent.

June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday

To me...

Today I turn 24 :-)

I've always found June 24 to be a good day to have birthday on - it is halfway between Christmas and Christmas, it is most always sunny and beautifull, and I have often had summer holidays already. In fact, I celebrated my 18'th Birthday partly on a ferry to Norway, and partly in a Park in Norway with a bunch of Kids I was scout leader for. That was also the last time I had birthday on a Sunday, too.

So, Happy Birthday! To me :)

June 20, 2007

Creative Chaos

Today I have for you, one horrible picture of why I am not updating this blog regularely. I have too many ideas and cannot get them out of my head! I dream of them in the night, I see them when I am awake, but when I touch my fabrics they go.. "poof".

I am a member of the "Doll Quilt Swap II", and I am trying to make something beautifull for a person that likes traditional quilts, primary colours etc.

My mother let me loose in her fabric stash, which contains several nice things, but most of what is in there I have already been through in the past years. Right now I have a white background with red flowers on it (when/if I dare to try sewing them on), and another idea - two hourglass squares (Fabulous green fabric with scenes from india and plain white). Maybe I'll make another two with the white and a most beautifull red with white flowers, and make somethig log-cabin-somthing around them...

Well, here is the picture! It looks less crowded than it really is, because I am standing on my bed :)

The Fanakofte is 34 cm / 13", and I am aiming for 64 cm / 24 " ;) (How funny that those are also the key numbers for the DQSII)

Have a really nice day


June 09, 2007

Round and round it goes...

Where it stops, only Lene knows!

Precisely at 60 cm, to start the neck opening that is knitted back and forth over the whole body (Sleeve holes will be CUT open).

I am finally over the "Three white, three red, repeat until sick and tired, then alternate until you want to throw the knitting away" stage, and am now allowed to make the nice red-and-white alternating rounds with the occasional round of lice. (That is an official term for the little flecks of the contrast colour, really!)

While doing that, I am very busy. With flies. More accurately, trying to chase the flies away that MATE on MY leg. Buzzing away, making little flies... :-S

Have a really nice day


June 02, 2007

Not Knitting

This, is *not knitting*

It is another case of "I wonder what happens...". In this case, I guess it is a pillow case top. I want to add more, but no matter what I drew on that linen with my pink chalk, I did not like it. No french knots in the middle, no lines in the petals, nothing. Maybe I will just wash it (Because I embroidered with unmercerized cotton on unwashed linen, doh) and find a pillow so that I can sew the cover to fit. It's not ugly, really, its just - not much. Hm.

Here is more not knitting. Well, that is not true anymore, because I have added two rows with the fabulous ebony circ my mother borrowed me - yay! This project really really does not lend itself to metal circulars. You can see it on top of the sleeves and begun body. I finished the second sleeve within two days! I just had to sit down with it for a little time. Maybe I can get zooming on the body now, too? I want this sweater so bad.