October 26, 2007

On the Fana Kofte

I have knitted most of it now - yay! After breaking #2 ebony needle, I bit the bullet and knit the rest on a regular grey coated needle. It worked reasonably well, probably because I did not have to knit a complicated pattern and had some weight hanging off the needles already.

The bad thing is, that it seems to be too small for me.

The god thing is that every single female in the household has claimed it for herself (That's 5 claims, including mine, on this one *laughs*)

The good thing is that I have cut all the seams and seamed the shoulders (with the open st.).

The bad thing is that I cannot figure out to pick up stitches evenly spaced around the front and the neck.

Another good thing is that I still can try to block the living daylights out of it to make it fit me. It is not that is doesent fit, but I didnt imagine a skin-tight fit!! (My gauge was off, so I am alone to blame).

Other News

I have ½ a horse as I've mentioned before, I think.... She is lame right now :-(, but I was offered to ride another horse whose "Daddy" can only come once or twice a week. I tried her yesterday (I thought it was a one-off, but YAY... He didnt!), and even though she was funny to ride, she is a good horse and could teach me a lot, I even had the guts to gallop on her and didnt even get scared when she didnt stop when I asked her. (Ok - I panicked a few seconds and just wanted to flop forward and hold onto her mane, screaming "I AM FALLING OFFFFF", but in the end I sat back, started breathing again and gave her a proper stopping signal.) (Riding her into a wall is a proper stopping signal, right?).
I will go riding her again today when I deliver the daily apple to my Big Red one (Now I've got a Big Red and a Big Black :), oh man, how lucky can one girl be?

Have a really nice day


October 01, 2007

More non-knit

I am actaully knitting a bit, but it is ugly and the colours are hideous. It was a lovely skein of pink/brown/white variegated, and many of you will know where this is headed - Yes, I wanted to knit a raglan for my Niece that is not yet born, and Yes, it came out pink/brown/white camouflage.

So. My non-knit is (again) quilting - it is hard to resist a craft that is so pretty, can be easy, and that makes really usefull things. I wanted a cover for my bed at my parents house (Yes, I am 24 and still have my own bed at my parents house.), because it so often is dirty and icky when I go there and want to sleep in it - the dog jumps on it, my SIL uses the room (She is living with my Brother on 8 m2 - I have 12 m2 I'm never using). So, she and I bought 4 metres of blue cotton and 2 "Quilt Packs" with 7 colour sorted fabrics in blue and yellow, ½ Fat Quarters. I used 4½ pieces from each of the bundles and the same amount from the blue cotton, made 45 squares from each group, and grouped them as you can see - the easiest way. It is bordered with the blue cotton. There are 6 different prints - Two swirls, roses, random lines, marbles and a spotty fabric. The swirls, Roses, Random lines and Marble is in both colours, since they were from the same line.

I rather like it, but I didnt finish quilting it when I was at my parents last weekend, because

  • I had cut it and sewn it within 20 hours.
  • I had a church mass in the morning and it was late.
  • The back was totally crinckled, and I found myself not caring (!), a warning sign that I was tired and ready to do anything just to be finished.
  • I really like it, and dont want to mess it up, seeing as how the piecing it, not flawless, but very very good.

The colours washed out. It is a strong, medium blue in reality, and the prints are also darker. I need more natural light, but it is overcastr and rainy.

You can sort of see how I started quiliting it in "blocks" of 3*3 (It is 15*9 blocks, not quite 5" large - 12 cm). I did not photograph the back, it is horrendous and proof that the pins I stuck in (You can see their reflections) did not do their work well enough. Plus the fact that it is horribly hard to quilt a big quilt on a small machine without puckering.

Have a really nice day