September 25, 2007

Nephew Socks

My nephew is growing, so it was time to warm up the knitting needles in anticipation of the coming winter. They turned out quite narrow, sadly, and a little long. I hope he will get a little wear out of them anyways. Maybe his little sister can wear them one day :)

Size 23-24, on top of Daddys socks that he will get for his 26th birthday.

Nephew socks.

Regia Ringel Colour, "Atlantik".

Have a nice day


September 06, 2007

I have a confession....

I have no idea how to reply to people who comment in my blog, here! That annoys me, because I really want to reply to you, tell a bit more about the project etc.

Until I find some way to do that, I just want you to know - I appreciate all comments, even if you do not get a reply back, I have read them and added them to the website (I have set the comments on moderation because there is a person out there who seems to care a lot about me and constantly post(ed)s comments on here that were not fit for your wieving.

Oohh, and another confession: I have bought yarn, from KnitPicks! All excited, wee wee happy dance... I am doing a joint order with my mother, a friend and whoever has also joined in since I last asked.
I will get 5 balls Palette in Blue Note Heather to make the Rose Leaf Tunic from A Gathering of Lace, and 10 balls in assorted colours to make the Rainbow Shawl from the same book. Both are things I have wanted to do, and since my knitting has effectively stopped because of lack of needles, yarn, pattern... I will do something new.


September 02, 2007

Sorry abou the delay

Sorry about the delay. Somehow, weather turned bad, and then study kicked in and everything rotated around my studies, and not handicraft. I have not knitted for weeks.

This is the whole shawl. It was hard to photograph. It is also huge, 260 cm across the wings and 140 down the back. I have seen shawls half that size!

Semi-close-up. You can sort of see the variegation in the handspun in this picture. It is gorgous, in my opinon, and looks really good in the clover leaf pattern (I believe it is also called Rose leaf?)

Clover Pattern. The transition between my mothers yarn and mine happens in this picture - I can see it because my mothers yarn is a tad thinner, but I am pretty sure noone but me, who has had it in my hands and stared at it for hours and hours can see it.

Leaf pattern. Again, the variegation. I am amazed at this shawl because it turned out so well, even though I almost despised it at several points in its creation.

Bonus picture!

Ditlev, my first and oldest piggie, and probably the cutest I have ever met.

Have a really nice day