May 15, 2007

Inaugural Post

Dear reader of our blog.

I want to present myself, my Name is Ute and I am Lenes mother. As every other mother I am very proud of my daughter. She is a very good knitter, spinner and now patchworker. Lene learned to knit and sew, when she only was a little girl, but she never wanted to do it more
than for five minutes or so. She had to be a grown up woman before knitting became her favourite hobby. It is very nice for me, to have a daughter I can share my hobbies with. We have a lot of fun og many nice hours together knitting, spinning and sewing patchwork.

Lene had the idea that we share this blog. Tankyou for that , Lene. My english is not very good, but Lene promised to read my text and correct it. My motherlanguage is danish and german, because we belong to the danish minority in Germany. People say, that the language you dream on, that is your Mother langugage. If that is true, I have two danish and german.

My newest project is this nice little sweater for my grandchild. I knitted it in a norwegian wool called Peer gynt. It is a Lopi design and I love it very much. My daughter in law too loves this design, so the little boy had to get it now, where he is going to be a big boy - running around and try to say "farmor" (grandma).

PS: My mother is quite busy right now, so I agreed to put this up here. I know she has many other pretty things to show you, but that will have to wait until she can and want to do it herself :-) (Or I get my hands on the original pictures, since the ones she sent me were shrunk into oblivion - ah well)


Jean said...

Oh, Ute! Where can I find that pattern? It's WONDERFUL!


Sandy said...

I love the duck sweater! I would also like to know where the pattern can be found.