May 23, 2007

Shoot the metal circular...

..and give me a decent, wooden one! I have approximately 6 3.5mm metal circs (And didnt buy one of them, heh :-D ), but none of them work for knitting worsted at such a tight gauge. Ebony, I say, EBONY!! Why can't I knit the whole Fanakofte on my Ebony 3.5 mm's? I doubt it will ever get finished if I have to push and pull and bother with metal circs for the next 45000 stitches!

Ebony, oh why are you so expensive... O, Please appear magically next to me... *sigh*


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Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I want to get some circular needles and have been tossing up whether to buy a set with interchangeable wires etc. As I don't have any circs, I thought maybe it might be the thing to do when starting out. Any thoughts?