July 30, 2007

Wordy Update

Do, do and do!

My mother and I are knitting along on Mystery Stole 3, and while I am finished with clue 4, Ute is at row 300 - but she is making other fabulous things, too. Like handquilting a runner we are both making. Well, she is quilting and I am ripping - I had quilted mine halfway but then it got wet and somehow the background colour leaked up into the runner!! I was simply devastated, and had to rip all of my quilting out, seperate the three layers and take some pieces of the runner out. Now I must put them back in, since it did not wash out. How unlucky can you be?

Today we have been at a quilt shop - or not, well, because we found the adress in a book from 1999 and called her - she let us come and look, and then told us she did not have a shop anymore, but was teaching weekend - and week - workshops. She did have a lot of fabrics, nevertheless, and we bought fabrics for pillows for the summer cottage, and they will be a sheep, a piggy and a cow. My SIL bought for two wonderfull baby bags with rabbits on them, and I went wild in the Fat Quarter Roll bin, one for 1.80$! They normally retail for double, and there were the most wonderfull old ones among them, too.
Ute is also knitting a beautifull top and spinning along, and I am knitting on an old UFO, namly a handspun shawl from Victorian Lace Today. Everything will come to a close one day, but right now, we are just .. working.


July 12, 2007

Not smart enough

I generally think of myself as a smart person, who can figure out things on her own rather well, and do a good well many things on the fly.

Leftovers from various things.

I needed a little bag for "small stuff" now that I am going on a bike ride - water-proofness it not a consideration since I own Ortlieb Backrollers - absolutely waterproof. However, how will this one hold my stuff? (Well, it holds it), but it will fall out, right? Oomph. Seems I wasnt clever enough, even though I figured out on my own how to make a rectangular bottom, a really pretty handle and all such. At least I could have added two handles so I could make a knot, right?

Ah well. Maybe next time! For now, i am just a tiny bit proud of myself - even if I wasnt smart *enough*, at least I was *smart* ;-)

July 11, 2007


Here are two quilts!

I am so happy - because I recieved my wonderfull quilt, fullfilling all my wishes, and because I finished mine before the time frame, and will send it off today.

Mine is the narrow, white one, and the colourfull large one is from Texas, from Alice. It is so funny, she lives in a town with a post number only 4 digits different from Channelwiev, where I have spent some time years ago.

I have even made a label as per instructions, and I think it turned out well. I wanted to embroider it, but just wasnt up to the task. It was incredibly hard to get a picture of the label, I think I made 15 pictures and this one was the best.

So, all in all, I am extremely satisfied, and have learned new stuff: Nobody's Perfect - I thought my quilt was lousy, but the one I recieved was just as wonky, so apparently, it is just my perfectionist tendencies that are mucking up. Plus, I learned that stitch used for attatching bindings and used it for the label. I have sewed the binding on with a whip-stitch, very small and close stitches *laugh*

Have a really nice day


PS: After I posted this, I went to the post office with my package to send it off - and lo and behold, what do I find as I hurry back home in the rain, over a prohibited green area? A 20-crown-coin! Cool, a 50% rebate on shipping! I debated whether it would be best spent on a fat-quater or... Well, until my horse ate it. (I have a porcelain horse with a hole in the back for savings).

July 08, 2007


Here are two Mystery Stoles. The blue/denim heathered one is mine, and the white one is Ute's. They are pretty, and the pattern is easy to knit, and speedy. We are very excited to see what will come next!

/Ute and Lene

July 04, 2007

Havtaske or not?


Apparently, the designer already used the name "Havtaske" for the bag - I thought it was only known as "Kaffetaske" (Coffee-bag).

However! I will not be defied. My bag will have a very unique name, that clearly reflects all its beauty and versatillity.


Have a really nice day.