April 30, 2007

Wicked Fast.

My intention: Knit a ball a day. 110 Yards of worsted weight on US 7's. Took me 5 days and 6½ balls. Somehow, knitting fever caught me today, and I finished it. Now I have to find something else to knit on! Maybe one of my other WIP's, like Rosy Fingered Dawn, or the shawl from Victorian Lace Today, or my patchwork sweater, or wait, I know what I will knit (finish) now: A pair of socks that recently surfaced again - and had been with me to taiwan, even. A yarn ago. (I meant, a year ago... Did not notice it before I posted the entry, whoops). Oops. Well, I need to knit a gusset, foot and a toe, that should be doable, right? (Apart from the fact that I dont want to finish knitting with the wonderfull Lornas Laces, my first and only LL *sniff*)

Have a nice day - picture when I have a photographer! (Which might happen today if I play my cards right)


April 29, 2007

Even more Wicked!

This is Wicked on, in front of our chaos-garden, that has finally been taken all OUT and grass has been sown. It really was neccesary. I like the fit of Wicked! It sits tightly around the waist and will soon flare out to fit my hips. Pocket? Uhm, I dont know. Maybe? Short sleeves and a cabled ribbing.

Have a nice day


April 27, 2007


I started using all that Heilo for something usefull after just gazing all happily at it for a while (It lies on my living room floor like a sea of happy colours).


It is not really a Wicked (Link in a previous post), but a sort-of. I wanted a look kind of like on the model, and not like the finished ones I have seen in, uhm, ample sizes (US 14 for me). It ended up a bit too tight, and I dont know about the body, it might be a bit too fitting while the arms may end up too loose (I could not buy the pattern. Spent too much money on yarn this month). I am at the point where I will put it on two circs and see where I want to put the waist shaping - or if my breasts can get into it, at all :-P If not, I might.. uhm.. Probably rip. Or finish and wait until I loose some more weight.

The weater is lovely here in Denmark, and the Guinea Pigs and I have been sitting outside for three hours today - I live very near two little streams with grass and everything around them, so I pack the piggies, a book, my knitting, and a box that I can turn around and put them into. They graze, sleep and poop, while I knit and sleep. Fair enough :-)

Have a really nice day


PS: Yes Hanne, you are one of the three :-) I am glad you liked the danish poetry - it was written as an ode to an Aarhusian spring!

April 25, 2007


I dont think that any (Well, three maybe) of those who are reading this blog know that I have written poetry - and do sometimes - and even have earned money (whoa) with it.

En Tone

Gennem luften danser stille en tone,
blid fuglesang.
Sender bud om solens mildt-varme stråler,
ømt kærhedstegn.
Al vor jord vrimler over af fugle, i vor himmel og på paradisvis.
givet til os af skaberens godhed, så til evig tid vi på ham tror.

Over haven ligger nænsomt et sollag,
blomstrende trær.
Fylder sind og alle buske med lyde,
sød jubelsang.
Dagen skrider og aftenen lider, stille rolig i vor sjæls helligdom.
Gir forvisning om skaberens nærhed i hver bi, hver blomst hver busk og træ.

Aftnen nærmer sig med listende poter,
gylden og varm.
Trækker over sø og enge et dække,
sover i ro.
Se da kommer fra Gud evig varme, rige gaver med et løfte om fred.
Vi skal alle i modenheds fylde, nyde livet i hans kærlighedsbo.

So sorry for posting it in danish - it is a psalm written on an absolutely beautifull melody that is both slow and resembles humming, a peacefull and restfull melody. I just felt the need to post something beautifull on the blog :-)

Want some poetry in another language?

Ich bin so froh
Denn mein Po
Passt genau auf unsrem Klo!

What, that wasnt good enough?

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

Thanks to Robert Frost, there has now also been content for all the english-speakers out there, too.


Who is knitting socks and a fabulous new sweater...

April 20, 2007

Something to do

Have you ever seen this before? It looks so lovely, and maybe I really should knit something with short sleeves? That would be a first, I think... (I would want the short-sleeve version for sure). I just dont know if I should buy the pattern or reverse-engineer it...
It would look lovely in the Heilo, as it is 100m/50 g, and this calls for worsted weight. Using only 6 balls in my size, it should be quite quick, too! (If I stick to it).

Well, I will be off soon because I am a bit weird... I decided to ride my bike home. Rather that, than having to deal with a two-hour home ride of which one hour is waiting time - and have to ask my 80-years-old grandmother pick me up at the station. (You would know why is would be considered weird if you knew that there are 50+ km home, I am decidedly unsporty and my bikeis so, too... And now you know.) Nah... If I ever get a nice bit of money for free, I will buy myself a scooter. (But first I want a super trekking bike.. hah, and I will get it for fall! I have a budget!)

Have a nice day


April 19, 2007


Blackberry Ridge will send me another skein of "Purple Mist" - free of charge. It is very generous of them in my opinion, and they rejected my offer to pay for it - or at least the shipping.

Seems I must find a bunch of circs then... :-)

The Purple Mist section is in the middle of the shawl - no, not in the middle, but halfway between the point where I am and the point where I started the shawl. I will enter a circular needle in the last row I knitted with the previous colour, and one in the first row of the next colour, and take out the entire Purple Mist section. Luckily, it is not large - actually the smallest single section (I think). Phew. After I have knitted the section again, I will (try to) graft it onto the remaning shawl - the outer edge. It feels so good to have a solution.. SO good.

I have knitted two objects that I really needed, but I did not get to take a picture. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe you'll all laugh at me, but... I knitted myself two (then my ball was gone) orange washclothes. Seeing as I had to wash myself with dishrags should the unlikely even turn up that I needed to wash myself in places where the shower would not do... Well... Might just as well use up some cotton. (I am a simple girl, you might have guessed *laugh*). Maybe I should make a facecloth next time. I wonder what distinguishes a Face Cloth from an ordinary Wash Cloth? Oh, I know how I will make it different... I'll try to knit a face on it!

Have a really nice day


April 18, 2007

We Meet...

I met my paternal uncle today which is weird for a couple of reasons, and because our family is quite divided. At least he is divided from our family. Hadnt seen him a few years. Hopefully I will happen upon his daughter, my cousin, one day. I'd love to see her and how she is doing. After all, I only have three cousins - two girls and a boy, so the family is not that large.

I also figured out a way to work on Rosy Fingered Dawn (sigh). I will take out the damaged section and reknit it with a new skein of yarn, then graft it to the border portion. Lots of work, but less than a) scrapping everything, or b) rip all the sections out I have knit after the damaged section and reknit everything.

have a nice day


April 16, 2007

Kill them UFO's.


My oldest UFO, Rosy Fingered Dawn shawl from Blackberry Ridge was coming along so smooth, and I was getting ready to add the border. Was. There. Are. Holes. In. It.

Not just the lace holes I have put in there, but real holes where the yarn is broken. Kaput. This yarn is weak, frail, and weird - not the best quality I have ever touched! - but I did not think it would just... break. I have stretched it out some a few times to see the patterns, but... It has lived in a closed plastic bag since summer 2005. I cannot continue knitting on it, and have contacted Blackberry Ridge to see what can be done about it, because really? It makes me cry that this long-lived UFO that was to bloom and hang on my wall (Yes, I took down my Rainbow Pi to make room for this) is now broken, possibly beyond repair :-( I so do not want to run the risk of ripping back and reknitting with the yarn I have left from that section just to reknit the whole shebang and discover more holes. No no.

This was the sad post of the day, or How To Have Less WIP's. Because Rosy is now not a WIP anymore (or even an UFO), I have two WIP's. Amazing. Only 2... *sigh*


April 15, 2007

When I finally blog...

I blog a LOT!

Patchwork-knitting Sweater

My mother has made one of these, and I really really liked it :-) First, you knit two strips in a diamond pattern that go from your butt to your belly, and then they are connected by knitting narrows panels of garter st. between them. My mother modified the original pattern, which is for a vest, into a long-sleeved sweater. I think I might make a vest after all, but much longer than the pattern states, and also changing some other things.

It is knit holding two strands throughout (Huh, sensing a trend here?). One strand is Evilla Blue 2, in the 8/2 thickness, and another is Lisa Souza handdyed Merino Laceweight in "Sapphire".

Lucking out

Yeah well - what other could I call this? There was this yarn shop owned by an elderly lady. Who had owned it for... Hmm... Longer than anyone can remember, at least. Now she wanted to retire. But, noone could possibly buy her yarn shop with all the yarn she had there, and in storage! Well, so she just... Made a great giant sale before closing. I did not see it until almost everything was sold, but on the other hand - I got some GRRREAT deals on the last things. Like the Dale of Norway booklets? The whole shebang for 15$, and I think there are 20 booklets in there with 15 designs in each of the most beautifull traditional designs - including almost all the olympic sweaters :)
I bought yarn for the sweater that is on the cover of the booklet I laid on top of the binder, namely the dark blue, light blue and three balls of the orange.

My mother bought.. Uhh... 5 binders too? And several booklets from Lopi etc... For almost free. It even got better when we were there the day before they closed down. We got tons of patterns, and when she asked if we were interested in more, I responded that only the Heilo... But I werent going to pay what she was asking for the leftovers. "I'll make you a good price". Oooook...

I got 38 balls in aumtuney colours for... 36 USD. I have NEVER bought yarn this cheap before! Heilo is a worsted weight non-superwash wool yarn, but wow... Less than 1 USD each? I paid 2,5 USD for the 19 balls I bought just a few days previously.... (It is normally priced at around 5 USD)

My mother also bought a good cache of this yarn, and is already knitting a sweater for my nephew out of it - and has 25 balls for a colourwork sweater for my little brother (Who is two metres tall).

She did not get the hyper deal that I got in the last end though - but for Denmark, those prices were avesome. (Even the 5 USD are not expensive - yarn is ridiculously expensive in Denmark).

Have a really nice day



Good morning all!

Oppps, It has been some time since I last wrote here - not for lack of things, but a little spring-depression has been making the rounds here, so I was not quite up to it. Natch, does not matter, because nothing really depends on wether I blog or not - it is just an added bonus in a nice life.

Empire-waisted, skirt-style sweater!

I love this!
It was knitted within six days, including two sick days and two days where I was not able to knit. Pattern is out of Rebecca, Winter 2005, which my friend had brought with her to our summer cottage for Easter. She knitted a nice wrap sweater while we were there.

Of course, I modified this to have raglan sleeves because I KNEW it would pull itself out of shape (The original had the bodice in 1x1 rib and set-in sleeves... ouch). However, I dont like the neck... Some sort of lacing up must be put there, that is for sure.

I do not have a picture of the whole thing modeled, because the angle I can take pictures of myself in is so weird - I look seven months pregnant :-/


Yarn: One strand of vintage Phildar "Gaïka", which consists of a strand mohair, nylon, wool and a polyester strand that goes around and sometimes wraps violently around the yarn, creating shiny, hard spots. One strand of blue sock yarn - I used three different colours to use up yarns I would not knit socks out of.

Pattern: Rebecca, Winter 2005. The pattern was not bad, and had some clever details. But, 1x1 ribbing and set-in sleeves? AND a V-neck? Who was asking for droopy sleeves and a giant neck? (My adaptation is not that much better... But I tried). I love love love the empire style. Must knit more in a thinner and more flattering yarn.

Time used: Pretty exactly one week, though I did not knit every day due to unseen circumstances.

Needles: Plastic 8 mm's. This sweater is heeeavy....

Overall thoughts: I like it. I must find a way to lace up the V-neck and pull in the neck (Which shouldnt be hard because I somehow created a row of holes when I crocheted the stitches off the needle - didnt want to just cast off). Empire waists are sooo goood...
The sweater is four yards around (two metres) around the bottom, and loose everywhere except for in the middle of the arms, but it was a fun knit and an excellent way to use up half (sigh) of the weird Phildar Gaïka I bought years ago in E-bay.

Have a really nice day