May 05, 2007

Stairway to Heaven

These are the "Stairway to Heaven" socks - only one in the picture, because I did not have a photographer and was unable to get both feet to look good at once.

They are knit in Lornas Laces "Purple Club" - the first skeins of this yarn that I have ever touched, and they are so wonderfull. Thankyou Emily for helping me get it. It took over a year to knit these because I got caught up in lace shawls. The pattern is of my own making, and breaks up the colours nicely - better in real life than in my washed-out picture. I chose to call it Stairway to Heaven because the first sock was knit on planes and in airports. (And because I love the movie, the ending is really something that can make me cry).

Tomorrow I can start my Fanakofte! Yay!

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Helen said...

The pattern does break up the colours well: I have knitted a couple of pairs of LL socks and I do find that it pools quite a bit, but yours look really lovely.