November 12, 2008

The knitted Cargo

This picture is not stellar, but it shows him :-) His head is too short, but I was really just fooling around. He is knitted all in one piece, starting with the hind legs and working from there with short rows etc.

How he and I found each other?

Well, I did not even find him. My mother did!
She was browsing the internet for a carpet for the living room floor, now that I have a nephew and a niece that are running around like crazy, and falling at times. She happened upon an online marketplace where lots of newspaper ads etc. are uploaded by the newspapers. The carpet that she found was not what she wanted - but then she saw a picture of a horse. It looked kind and big, so she clicked, remembered that I had said I wanted a horse bigger than 16.1 hh, saw he was 17.3 hh and located near home, so she sent me a link.
Two weeks later, after waiting a week for the vet to check him, he was up here with me. He reminds me of Basse in so many ways. If he had not worked out, I would have quit riding and horses alltogether, because I dont want to ride others peoples horses anymore, my heart is too soft and I get much to involved. I'm planning on keeping Cargo until his time is up.

Have a really nice day


November 11, 2008

The wheels of time

After losing Basse I was at a loss. I didnt know where to go or what to do, and kind of sunk into a lethargic state.

I wanted to ride and feel like I felt with her, but how could I, without her?

Yet, five weeks, exactly, after Basse left me, Cargo B, a 12 yo Holsteiner gelding, 17.3 hh (180 cm) stood in her old stall.

But it was not until today, two months after her death, that he and I agreed we'd be each others best buddies. I am hoping for many good years with him, and that he can take up the empty space in my heart.

HA! And you thought I'd stopped knitting!!
When I get a picture, I MUST show.. I spun yarn for, and knitted, Cargo!! ;-) We were having a creativity contest this weekend, and I just had to knit him. I myself think I was being quite ingenious, and invented a new technique (As usual when I get involved in something), now I want to knit Basse, and lots of others horses, to keep my Breyer horses company. And a big Cargo.

Have a nice day