April 30, 2007

Wicked Fast.

My intention: Knit a ball a day. 110 Yards of worsted weight on US 7's. Took me 5 days and 6½ balls. Somehow, knitting fever caught me today, and I finished it. Now I have to find something else to knit on! Maybe one of my other WIP's, like Rosy Fingered Dawn, or the shawl from Victorian Lace Today, or my patchwork sweater, or wait, I know what I will knit (finish) now: A pair of socks that recently surfaced again - and had been with me to taiwan, even. A yarn ago. (I meant, a year ago... Did not notice it before I posted the entry, whoops). Oops. Well, I need to knit a gusset, foot and a toe, that should be doable, right? (Apart from the fact that I dont want to finish knitting with the wonderfull Lornas Laces, my first and only LL *sniff*)

Have a nice day - picture when I have a photographer! (Which might happen today if I play my cards right)


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