April 15, 2007

When I finally blog...

I blog a LOT!

Patchwork-knitting Sweater

My mother has made one of these, and I really really liked it :-) First, you knit two strips in a diamond pattern that go from your butt to your belly, and then they are connected by knitting narrows panels of garter st. between them. My mother modified the original pattern, which is for a vest, into a long-sleeved sweater. I think I might make a vest after all, but much longer than the pattern states, and also changing some other things.

It is knit holding two strands throughout (Huh, sensing a trend here?). One strand is Evilla Blue 2, in the 8/2 thickness, and another is Lisa Souza handdyed Merino Laceweight in "Sapphire".

Lucking out

Yeah well - what other could I call this? There was this yarn shop owned by an elderly lady. Who had owned it for... Hmm... Longer than anyone can remember, at least. Now she wanted to retire. But, noone could possibly buy her yarn shop with all the yarn she had there, and in storage! Well, so she just... Made a great giant sale before closing. I did not see it until almost everything was sold, but on the other hand - I got some GRRREAT deals on the last things. Like the Dale of Norway booklets? The whole shebang for 15$, and I think there are 20 booklets in there with 15 designs in each of the most beautifull traditional designs - including almost all the olympic sweaters :)
I bought yarn for the sweater that is on the cover of the booklet I laid on top of the binder, namely the dark blue, light blue and three balls of the orange.

My mother bought.. Uhh... 5 binders too? And several booklets from Lopi etc... For almost free. It even got better when we were there the day before they closed down. We got tons of patterns, and when she asked if we were interested in more, I responded that only the Heilo... But I werent going to pay what she was asking for the leftovers. "I'll make you a good price". Oooook...

I got 38 balls in aumtuney colours for... 36 USD. I have NEVER bought yarn this cheap before! Heilo is a worsted weight non-superwash wool yarn, but wow... Less than 1 USD each? I paid 2,5 USD for the 19 balls I bought just a few days previously.... (It is normally priced at around 5 USD)

My mother also bought a good cache of this yarn, and is already knitting a sweater for my nephew out of it - and has 25 balls for a colourwork sweater for my little brother (Who is two metres tall).

She did not get the hyper deal that I got in the last end though - but for Denmark, those prices were avesome. (Even the 5 USD are not expensive - yarn is ridiculously expensive in Denmark).

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