April 15, 2007


Good morning all!

Oppps, It has been some time since I last wrote here - not for lack of things, but a little spring-depression has been making the rounds here, so I was not quite up to it. Natch, does not matter, because nothing really depends on wether I blog or not - it is just an added bonus in a nice life.

Empire-waisted, skirt-style sweater!

I love this!
It was knitted within six days, including two sick days and two days where I was not able to knit. Pattern is out of Rebecca, Winter 2005, which my friend had brought with her to our summer cottage for Easter. She knitted a nice wrap sweater while we were there.

Of course, I modified this to have raglan sleeves because I KNEW it would pull itself out of shape (The original had the bodice in 1x1 rib and set-in sleeves... ouch). However, I dont like the neck... Some sort of lacing up must be put there, that is for sure.

I do not have a picture of the whole thing modeled, because the angle I can take pictures of myself in is so weird - I look seven months pregnant :-/


Yarn: One strand of vintage Phildar "Gaïka", which consists of a strand mohair, nylon, wool and a polyester strand that goes around and sometimes wraps violently around the yarn, creating shiny, hard spots. One strand of blue sock yarn - I used three different colours to use up yarns I would not knit socks out of.

Pattern: Rebecca, Winter 2005. The pattern was not bad, and had some clever details. But, 1x1 ribbing and set-in sleeves? AND a V-neck? Who was asking for droopy sleeves and a giant neck? (My adaptation is not that much better... But I tried). I love love love the empire style. Must knit more in a thinner and more flattering yarn.

Time used: Pretty exactly one week, though I did not knit every day due to unseen circumstances.

Needles: Plastic 8 mm's. This sweater is heeeavy....

Overall thoughts: I like it. I must find a way to lace up the V-neck and pull in the neck (Which shouldnt be hard because I somehow created a row of holes when I crocheted the stitches off the needle - didnt want to just cast off). Empire waists are sooo goood...
The sweater is four yards around (two metres) around the bottom, and loose everywhere except for in the middle of the arms, but it was a fun knit and an excellent way to use up half (sigh) of the weird Phildar Gaïka I bought years ago in E-bay.

Have a really nice day


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The Silent Knitter said...

Hej Lene
Dejligt at du har overskud til at blogge lidt igen ;-) Den er ret flot og sexy den bluse, du ahr fået færdig. Jeg kunne godt tænke mig at se den nederste del også (altså med dig indeni)
Hav en dejlig søndag
Kærlige hilsner fra
Hanne V