April 27, 2007


I started using all that Heilo for something usefull after just gazing all happily at it for a while (It lies on my living room floor like a sea of happy colours).


It is not really a Wicked (Link in a previous post), but a sort-of. I wanted a look kind of like on the model, and not like the finished ones I have seen in, uhm, ample sizes (US 14 for me). It ended up a bit too tight, and I dont know about the body, it might be a bit too fitting while the arms may end up too loose (I could not buy the pattern. Spent too much money on yarn this month). I am at the point where I will put it on two circs and see where I want to put the waist shaping - or if my breasts can get into it, at all :-P If not, I might.. uhm.. Probably rip. Or finish and wait until I loose some more weight.

The weater is lovely here in Denmark, and the Guinea Pigs and I have been sitting outside for three hours today - I live very near two little streams with grass and everything around them, so I pack the piggies, a book, my knitting, and a box that I can turn around and put them into. They graze, sleep and poop, while I knit and sleep. Fair enough :-)

Have a really nice day


PS: Yes Hanne, you are one of the three :-) I am glad you liked the danish poetry - it was written as an ode to an Aarhusian spring!


Emily said...

I LOVE the color!

Ilix said...

Great! I saw the link on Craftster! looks good! I am just starting mine. ;)