April 19, 2007


Blackberry Ridge will send me another skein of "Purple Mist" - free of charge. It is very generous of them in my opinion, and they rejected my offer to pay for it - or at least the shipping.

Seems I must find a bunch of circs then... :-)

The Purple Mist section is in the middle of the shawl - no, not in the middle, but halfway between the point where I am and the point where I started the shawl. I will enter a circular needle in the last row I knitted with the previous colour, and one in the first row of the next colour, and take out the entire Purple Mist section. Luckily, it is not large - actually the smallest single section (I think). Phew. After I have knitted the section again, I will (try to) graft it onto the remaning shawl - the outer edge. It feels so good to have a solution.. SO good.

I have knitted two objects that I really needed, but I did not get to take a picture. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe you'll all laugh at me, but... I knitted myself two (then my ball was gone) orange washclothes. Seeing as I had to wash myself with dishrags should the unlikely even turn up that I needed to wash myself in places where the shower would not do... Well... Might just as well use up some cotton. (I am a simple girl, you might have guessed *laugh*). Maybe I should make a facecloth next time. I wonder what distinguishes a Face Cloth from an ordinary Wash Cloth? Oh, I know how I will make it different... I'll try to knit a face on it!

Have a really nice day


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