April 16, 2007

Kill them UFO's.


My oldest UFO, Rosy Fingered Dawn shawl from Blackberry Ridge was coming along so smooth, and I was getting ready to add the border. Was. There. Are. Holes. In. It.

Not just the lace holes I have put in there, but real holes where the yarn is broken. Kaput. This yarn is weak, frail, and weird - not the best quality I have ever touched! - but I did not think it would just... break. I have stretched it out some a few times to see the patterns, but... It has lived in a closed plastic bag since summer 2005. I cannot continue knitting on it, and have contacted Blackberry Ridge to see what can be done about it, because really? It makes me cry that this long-lived UFO that was to bloom and hang on my wall (Yes, I took down my Rainbow Pi to make room for this) is now broken, possibly beyond repair :-( I so do not want to run the risk of ripping back and reknitting with the yarn I have left from that section just to reknit the whole shebang and discover more holes. No no.

This was the sad post of the day, or How To Have Less WIP's. Because Rosy is now not a WIP anymore (or even an UFO), I have two WIP's. Amazing. Only 2... *sigh*


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