April 20, 2007

Something to do

Have you ever seen this before? It looks so lovely, and maybe I really should knit something with short sleeves? That would be a first, I think... (I would want the short-sleeve version for sure). I just dont know if I should buy the pattern or reverse-engineer it...
It would look lovely in the Heilo, as it is 100m/50 g, and this calls for worsted weight. Using only 6 balls in my size, it should be quite quick, too! (If I stick to it).

Well, I will be off soon because I am a bit weird... I decided to ride my bike home. Rather that, than having to deal with a two-hour home ride of which one hour is waiting time - and have to ask my 80-years-old grandmother pick me up at the station. (You would know why is would be considered weird if you knew that there are 50+ km home, I am decidedly unsporty and my bikeis so, too... And now you know.) Nah... If I ever get a nice bit of money for free, I will buy myself a scooter. (But first I want a super trekking bike.. hah, and I will get it for fall! I have a budget!)

Have a nice day


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