April 18, 2007

We Meet...

I met my paternal uncle today which is weird for a couple of reasons, and because our family is quite divided. At least he is divided from our family. Hadnt seen him a few years. Hopefully I will happen upon his daughter, my cousin, one day. I'd love to see her and how she is doing. After all, I only have three cousins - two girls and a boy, so the family is not that large.

I also figured out a way to work on Rosy Fingered Dawn (sigh). I will take out the damaged section and reknit it with a new skein of yarn, then graft it to the border portion. Lots of work, but less than a) scrapping everything, or b) rip all the sections out I have knit after the damaged section and reknit everything.

have a nice day


1 comment:

Emily said...

Your repair plan sounds tricky! But SO much less work than ripping out entire sections that it is completely worth it!