June 25, 2007

I'll just delete...

... Everything that happened from 7.10 PM yesterday, ok?

... I broke my mothers Ebony needle that I am knitting Fanakofte with. Currently at 12 repeats of 13-14.

... My sisters most beloved Guinea Pig died. Catastrophy!

... My riding club will be closed down, probably :'-( Just because people cannot manage to be nice to one another. I am thinking about *doing* something, but maybe not.

...And it even was my birthday!

Oh, and the Doll Quilt is finished but for the binding, which I will put on today! (and the label). That's nice, and I will send it off July 12, to my Pal, who should have it just a few days later, seeing as how we're on the same continent.

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Mother of Chaos said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! Yes. Let's delete it. (If only we could...)

Happy belated birthday! May the bad luck from 7.10 yesterday to now be the whole quota for the year!