June 27, 2007

Pitter - pattering around.

These past days, it seems I am just pitter-pattering around. At least I got the camera out now to show what I am doing, which is, after all, the main point of this blog.

Here is a Pinwheel Square out of some of the fabrics I used for the Wolf Blankie. I had just found the leftovers again (They were gone... I had put them on a storage box and placed another one on top of it, oops), and there were 7 triangles that were nor used in the blanket. seven? What can one do with seven triangles? Cut an 8th and make a pinwheel square, for example. In my mind, it is bordered with other scrappy fabrics and made into a pillow case to match the blankie / quilt. It was real quick, didnt take 10 minutes.

This is fun. I called the picture "OceanBag". Havtaske. That's a fish species that tastes quite well, mmmh, and it had me laughing at that brain fart for quite a while. Made out of one of these self-striping yarns (Kauni? Evilla? Dont remember) that I have a few of in stash. It will be felted, and is just a good inbetween project, seeing as how I broke the circular in the Fanakofte *sigh*.

Here I am being all sneaky, can you see? It is the Doll Quilt. Sneaky and thrifty. It is all scrap fabrics, and the binding will be bicoloured. Oh, and speaking of thrifty: The batting is a fleece blanket I am slowly cutting up into small pieces for all kinds of stuff. Who cares? The quilting shows, and it is not like it will have to warm somebody, right? I have also made a whole blankie (quilt) with just fleece as backing - and my SIL thinks that this is such a great idea that she is making one for her son, too!

Mmmhh, yarn! Handdyed in gorgeous greens. Really gorgeous. Can one make a cardigan of sorts with 1400 yards of Sport/DK weight? In a size 12-14? A short-sleeved lacy cardi? (nothing cropped...)
Oh, and I guess that means that your yarn and your books have also arrived mom - sorry for not telling you, but I have not hidden them, and the books are GREAT, you will love them!

The "It pains me to look at you" - Project: Fanakofte.
You are standing still at 45 cm, and I am so sorry for that! I wish I could knit on, but I will offer this excuse: My grandmother is clumsy. She broke your circular :'-( Seriously, this was going so swimmingly, and now my mothers circular is broken. I will pay a new one, of course, but in the meantime I must wait. They are hard to come by.

That's it! (No it isnt. There are things marinating - but I dont talk of them. They'll come out, some time or other, to rip or flourish in the light of my attention and their beauty).

Have a nice day



Lisa K. said...

Wow, Lene, you sure have a lot of projects! I love everything.

The quilting on the little quilt looks great. It is such a good idea to use your leftover fleece. Batting can be very costly.

Sigh. I wish I could knit. Or crochet. Or embroider. But honestly, I don't think my budget or craft storage space could handle yet another craft!!

Lilly said...

lene - Can I send you some circulars? I live in the US and they are easy to get here. I have no idea what it takes to ship them, but I can't believe it is difficult.

Tami said...

Lene, your doll quilt is looking very sweet. And the color green of that yarn is delicious!