June 02, 2007

Not Knitting

This, is *not knitting*

It is another case of "I wonder what happens...". In this case, I guess it is a pillow case top. I want to add more, but no matter what I drew on that linen with my pink chalk, I did not like it. No french knots in the middle, no lines in the petals, nothing. Maybe I will just wash it (Because I embroidered with unmercerized cotton on unwashed linen, doh) and find a pillow so that I can sew the cover to fit. It's not ugly, really, its just - not much. Hm.

Here is more not knitting. Well, that is not true anymore, because I have added two rows with the fabulous ebony circ my mother borrowed me - yay! This project really really does not lend itself to metal circulars. You can see it on top of the sleeves and begun body. I finished the second sleeve within two days! I just had to sit down with it for a little time. Maybe I can get zooming on the body now, too? I want this sweater so bad.


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