June 28, 2007

Circular - mostly for Lilly

Lilly, you did not leave an E-mail adress as far as my sleepy eyes can gather - so this is a blog post solely for you :-)

I am knitting the Fanakofte on Susanne's Ebony Circulars (US Link), because I love these so much - and they are perfectly compatible with this yarn and my knitting style. I tried to use INOX grey coated circulars, but they gripped the yarn in an uncomfortable way, while the ADDI's I tried just made a mess out of it. This yarn is a very wooly one, one that has not been altered since wooden and bone needles were all the rage.

It was a very kind offer of you, but I have a whole box overflowing with circulars from size 00 to 35 :-)

I will probably see how the Pony Rosewood Needles will work for me - this Internet Shop is by now also a Brick-and-mortar-store in the next City over from my parents. Wonderfull. (It is by ther way where the Yarnharlot got her Kauni - I've been buying my Kauni and Evilla there for years)

But again, thanks a lot for being so kind with your offer :-)


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