May 02, 2008

Mighty Spring-y

This is my horse again. I have nothing interesting knitting-wise to say, because all I do these days is to care for my horse, clean my home and study for exams.
We took this picture (and over 100 others) for a big horse magazine (Magasinet Hest) here in Denmark, because I was interwieved there regarding horse insurances and why my old gal isnt insured. They also wanted a picture of the two of us, and this was my choice.

She's put on a lot of weight, maybe 100 pounds since I bought her March 1. All it needed was a trip to the dentist and lots of roughage. Yesterday I rode her to a big pasture full of grass together with another senior mare, they both love it and I can still ride her every day, except that she's a little farther away now. Well, a little biking never killed anyone. (I'm also not as fat as I look in the picture - I am wearing a sweater from when I was way fat, it makes me look big but is also comfortable to run around in)

Have a really nice day



kathy in juneau said...

You don't look fat at all - you look adorable! I love this photo of the two of you, you both look so happy.

Jean said...

Oh, Lene, I love your horse. Happy spring-time!

Linda said...

She is just so lovely! I'm here via Fugly's blog because I was happy to see another knitter there. See you on Ravelry? Cheers! :-)