October 09, 2008

To the bitter end

Some things are like playing. Life is one big game, and nothing can go wrong. It was summer, it was warm, you were perfect, and we were so alive, both of us.

I adored you, and we were in the magazine, we walked wide and far, you blossomed again.

I think you could run like the wind, but you could not outrun age. I got to know that you were far older than I thought.

You were beautifull, to the very end. Fate would have me chosing the possibly most beautifull September day that I have ever seen, we both sensed it when I came out at 6 am, and the last sounds you heard at 8 am were my voice and the birds in the bright blue sky with the shiny white clouds, with fall in the air, but not yet. I like to think I let you go in time.

I loved you, I still love you, and I will always love you.
Thankyou for being in my life, Basse.


Linda said...

I am so, so sorry for your loss. What a loving end you gave her. My thoughts are with you.

Emily said...

Oh, Lene, I am so sorry. You were blessed to have each other.

Jean said...

Oh, Lene!

All love and sympathy. Jean

kathy in Juneau said...


It is so hard to lose a beloved animal friend.

I'm sending good thoughts to you.


pearl said...

Dear Lene,

I was looking for a knitting site, and I came across your blog. Your sadness about Bassie touched me deeply. It made me cry.

I have animals that I have loved, and I know the pain of your loss. How wonderful for Bassie, though, that she had a life where she was loved so much.

I hope that you find the peace you need with time.