March 01, 2008

My interests shifted

The sack is me, and the horse is "Basse", Holsteiner mare from ca. 1990. I've ridden since 2004 but always been interested in horses, but never had the chance to ride. I have rented Basse three days a week for half a year, and when the owner said he wanted to sell her to get a younger and fitter horse I placed a bid. Needless to say, per today I own my first own horse.
I still knit a bit, but not much at all. I have knitted knee-high socks, half a brown cabled cardigan, crocheted some hot pads and half a blankie.

But mostly I read, ride and play with my horse and, of course, do my duty as an organ-player.

Have a really nice day


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Lilly said...

A horse of your very own. How fabulous! Don't you just love it that there are seasons in our lives - sometimes to focus on one thing, sometimes to focus on things completely different. Those things all make us who we are.