August 13, 2007

Smelling the stable

This was my shawl this morning - I recieve more yarn yesterday (Thankyou mom) and had knitted two repeats already this morning after washing the yarn late evening.

This is my shawl now - unblocked, but FINISHED. I felt it like a holy moment when I had it finished - finally. It has been long coming.

I am almost teary happy to have it off my list / chest. Now I may block it, and tomorrow, if it is dry (and I do not lodge one of the pins in my foot) I will take pictures outside in good light - weather permitting.
Good thing I am finished. School starts tomorrow (YAY) and if I had had to sit until 12 to finish I would have done it - oops. Bad girl.

It is dang HUGE. I just measured it to be 240 cm across the top and 140 down the back as it is blocking. HUGE I tell you. The "Finished measurements" promised me around 200 cm over the top and 100 down the back. Deceit" *grins*.

I Am So Happy

Serisouly, I am so ridiculously happy about this project that I was very tired of and just wanted finished, because then it would be GONE - but now I cuddled up on it, petted it and almost cried when I saw it all stretched out on the floor, in its glory. It makes me all teary-eyed to think that the ugly duckling finally has turned into a swan and that all the work was not wasted, even though it seemed unlikely that it would ever become anything pretty.

Have a really nice day


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