August 25, 2007

Must... knit...

Why is it that the most important news are always delivered in the most casual tones?

We were discussing how many we were, and if we'd fit around the kitchen table when my brother said - we're xx - but in a year we will be one more. (Insert heart and joy smilies here).

I am so happy for them, and hope the little baby will be a girl (They have ordered a boy), so that I can go wild in pink yarns and little frilly things instead of more traditional and blue stuff - been there, done that!

Come April, they will enlarge the family again - maybe my little brother will "Join in the fun", too? His girlfriend is one of my best friends, and certainly a nice person - so a few kids...

I will welcome all nieces and nephews with OPEN ARMS :D

(Excuse me, I must go find pink yarn...)


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