August 12, 2007

My new cardigan

Here it is. The result many hours of sewing, thinking, ripping and more thinking.

(Relatively true colour)

It has princess seams and a stand-up collar, and is made out of a stretchy, embroidred denim. The sleeves were originally 3/4 sleeves with a wide slit, and the buttons were set differently, but I decided for myself where I wanted buttons and how I wanted the sleeves - and the body lenght. The sleeve openings are less than ideal, but I will live with them. They could be way worse. The neck is also not perfect, the collar is way too small, it wont even go around my neck. I wear it flipped over backwards, making kind of a V neck. (I forgot to do it in the picture below).
The chest part is a little too small, and the lower part is a little too wide - ah well.
Weird though, because this is the smallest size of a pattern only in "Large" sizes - designed for ample women (It was included in a Burda my mother had, and I fell in love with the design).

(Murky Mirror Shot)

Despite all the shortcomings I see in it, two persons have tried it on today, and both requested one for themselves. Maybe!
The next one for me may be in a linen fabric as recommended - and I will either change the collar or just make the neckhole bigger so that it can lie around the neck as it was probably intended. Plus I want to try to make a bigger boob area and slimmer sleeves at the wrists, and eventually cut a little bit of the width around the butt.

Have a really nice day.


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