August 11, 2007


My little accident yesterday made me think about accidents while crafting / because of crafting.

Especially the comment about the needle in the arm.. Whoa! I do believe that the doctor couldnt find anything - the needles are small, and the flesh does not leave traces of being punctured, but closes up around the needle very quickly.

I once read a thread on Craftster about craft related injuries. It was hilarious, but also very disturbing - are we really so stupid? The answer is: Yes!

I have:

  • Sewn myself in the finger
  • Cut myself silly, 5-6 times, while trying to do Linoleum Carving
  • Cut my finger with the rotary cutter
  • and with a hobby knife while cutting paper
  • Punctured my skin with a knitting needle
  • Glued myself to a craft project
  • Pinned myself to my sweater, back when I was using my sweater to hold sewing pins
  • Gotten a burn mark from pulling a coarse yarn quickly over my wrist
  • Cut the flesh between thumb and index finger while plying with scissors
  • And, of course, my Super Stupid Needle Stunt of yesterday
  • Stuck countless needles and pins into my fingers, under my nails and other tender places
Phew! I think those are the most common injuries - good thing. Just imagine if we were all, say, doing Moto-cross driving, we would be filling up ER's and doctors offices all over the world. Of all the "Stupidities" up there, only one required a doctor :)

Have a really nice day


PS: I didnt know you read my blog, Nurhanne! I taught myself to knit lace from your website, copying down the line-by-line instructions for little doilies and knitting them with a free, ugly, ginormous ball of Gotland Singleply... Those were the times... ;)

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