August 10, 2007

NOT quilting the blankie!

*Insert evil face here*

I hereby wow NOT to quilt the Wolf Blankie - not under ANY circumstances. It hates me!

You know, when you get really frustrated, sometimes you can happen to say "Bite me"?

It BIT me >:-(

I had been drawing a horse on it, and had a spool of yarn with a needle firmly lodged in it with me, in case I wanted to start sewing. I didnt, because the horse didnt show up. So, I took the spool, blankie etc. away with me and fixed to start vacuuming the whole flat. WHAM - and it hurt in my foot. I found my needle, but it was only half! It was missing a whole chunk of the pointy end and a little of the eye, but I think I found the eye part. My foot HURT.

So I did something I very rarely do, after trying to find the piece of needle I suspected in my foot: I called the doctor *gasp*. He looked at my foot and asked if I was sure there was something in it? Oh yes, quite sure, the road to his office was long enough for me to feel it every mini-second. So he started to inject a local anaestethic, and prodded and searched in my foot to find the "tiny piece of needle". Tiny, my a$$ - when it came out it was over ½ inch - almost 2cm!

The best part was that he thought I was a sissy and constantly talked about pain and hurt and how I should go home and elevate my foot and put ice on it - I said yes yes, walked out of his office with the band-aid and all, but then it started to come off, so I took my sandals off, the band-aid off and walked home, barefoot, over grass and summer-warm pavement. That is the way I prefer life, simple and not so fussy.

I am bathing my foot right now, because he had to make a 1" (2½ cm) cut to find the little bugger, and will put on a good band-aid when I lie down in the couch to knit a little. That's the best part. Relaxing because "Oh, ow, my poor foot, poor me, I must be pampered / pamper me".

Have a really nice day



nurhanne said...

Sikken et uartigt tæppe ;-) God bedring med foden!

Lilly said...

Ouchie!! I know of one quilter who used a stud finder to prove to the doctor that there was a needle in her arm. Take care of yourself.

Emily said...

Argh! Lene! 1/2 of needle?! Owowowow - that makes me foot hurt - especially thinking about the 1 inch cut the made to get it out! Recover quickly and don't get infected.