July 12, 2007

Not smart enough

I generally think of myself as a smart person, who can figure out things on her own rather well, and do a good well many things on the fly.

Leftovers from various things.

I needed a little bag for "small stuff" now that I am going on a bike ride - water-proofness it not a consideration since I own Ortlieb Backrollers - absolutely waterproof. However, how will this one hold my stuff? (Well, it holds it), but it will fall out, right? Oomph. Seems I wasnt clever enough, even though I figured out on my own how to make a rectangular bottom, a really pretty handle and all such. At least I could have added two handles so I could make a knot, right?

Ah well. Maybe next time! For now, i am just a tiny bit proud of myself - even if I wasnt smart *enough*, at least I was *smart* ;-)


Lilly said...

And it's a "smart" looking bag, too, in the chic sense of the word. How about a button and buttonhole on the top hems? Or two? Or a drawstring?

katelnorth said...

It might not be very pretty, but you could put some velcro across the opening on each side and then it would stay shut! Nice bag.