July 30, 2007

Wordy Update

Do, do and do!

My mother and I are knitting along on Mystery Stole 3, and while I am finished with clue 4, Ute is at row 300 - but she is making other fabulous things, too. Like handquilting a runner we are both making. Well, she is quilting and I am ripping - I had quilted mine halfway but then it got wet and somehow the background colour leaked up into the runner!! I was simply devastated, and had to rip all of my quilting out, seperate the three layers and take some pieces of the runner out. Now I must put them back in, since it did not wash out. How unlucky can you be?

Today we have been at a quilt shop - or not, well, because we found the adress in a book from 1999 and called her - she let us come and look, and then told us she did not have a shop anymore, but was teaching weekend - and week - workshops. She did have a lot of fabrics, nevertheless, and we bought fabrics for pillows for the summer cottage, and they will be a sheep, a piggy and a cow. My SIL bought for two wonderfull baby bags with rabbits on them, and I went wild in the Fat Quarter Roll bin, one for 1.80$! They normally retail for double, and there were the most wonderfull old ones among them, too.
Ute is also knitting a beautifull top and spinning along, and I am knitting on an old UFO, namly a handspun shawl from Victorian Lace Today. Everything will come to a close one day, but right now, we are just .. working.


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