July 11, 2007


Here are two quilts!

I am so happy - because I recieved my wonderfull quilt, fullfilling all my wishes, and because I finished mine before the time frame, and will send it off today.

Mine is the narrow, white one, and the colourfull large one is from Texas, from Alice. It is so funny, she lives in a town with a post number only 4 digits different from Channelwiev, where I have spent some time years ago.

I have even made a label as per instructions, and I think it turned out well. I wanted to embroider it, but just wasnt up to the task. It was incredibly hard to get a picture of the label, I think I made 15 pictures and this one was the best.

So, all in all, I am extremely satisfied, and have learned new stuff: Nobody's Perfect - I thought my quilt was lousy, but the one I recieved was just as wonky, so apparently, it is just my perfectionist tendencies that are mucking up. Plus, I learned that stitch used for attatching bindings and used it for the label. I have sewed the binding on with a whip-stitch, very small and close stitches *laugh*

Have a really nice day


PS: After I posted this, I went to the post office with my package to send it off - and lo and behold, what do I find as I hurry back home in the rain, over a prohibited green area? A 20-crown-coin! Cool, a 50% rebate on shipping! I debated whether it would be best spent on a fat-quater or... Well, until my horse ate it. (I have a porcelain horse with a hole in the back for savings).


Suzie Sews said...

Lovely quilts, I love the stitching on yours, how did you feel about sending it away to its new home?
Suzie Sews

Hedgehog said...

Lena, Thanks a million for this adorable quilt!! It has a special place on the wall of my sewing room now. So glad we both participated in the swap!