June 09, 2007

Round and round it goes...

Where it stops, only Lene knows!

Precisely at 60 cm, to start the neck opening that is knitted back and forth over the whole body (Sleeve holes will be CUT open).

I am finally over the "Three white, three red, repeat until sick and tired, then alternate until you want to throw the knitting away" stage, and am now allowed to make the nice red-and-white alternating rounds with the occasional round of lice. (That is an official term for the little flecks of the contrast colour, really!)

While doing that, I am very busy. With flies. More accurately, trying to chase the flies away that MATE on MY leg. Buzzing away, making little flies... :-S

Have a really nice day



Sibylle said...

Hi Lene,

ich hab gerade Deinen Kommentar bei Yarnharlot gelesen und gehe davon aus, daß Du dänisch und deutsch sprichst?
Ich bräuchte mal Hilfe bei der Übersetzung einer dänischen Anleitung, da ich kein dänisch spreche aber so vermessen war diese Anleitung trotzdem zukaufen. Hättest Du Zeit und/oder Interesse?

Liebe Grüße


Emily said...

heehee You should write patterns, your instructions are crystal clear!

Marisa said...

Good luck w/ your bugs...at least they aren't bees! We have worse at times.