March 31, 2007

Back from Mallorca

Surely, Mallorca is quite unknown to most of you who read my blog?

It is a spanish isle, in the mediterradian sea, one out of 5 islands in the Balears. It is not big, maybe 60*90 km.

It was so nice! Even though there are turists everywhere (And we even were there outside the season).

My mother and I took pictures of each other :-) Just to prove that we were indeed there ... No need, I photographed my mother a lot: See next picture *grins*

My mothers butt. Yep! She did not even find out that I took the picture. There you are mom... Your butt and part of a castle the romans built almost 2000 years ago, now a church and a santuary.

We ate food. Good food! This was in Sineau, a place famed for its wednesdays market. We were there thursdag and were totally charmed by the athmosfere, the friendly people, the fresh olives (Oh, they were good! First time ever I willingly have eaten olives). With tip and all, 1½l. water and two servings of a delicious bread with local produce, we paid 7€. Yep. It was so good.

I have a thing with monuments and all things ancient. This is a little old road, not even paved, that led to the norternmost point of Mallorca. We drove 12 km round and round, up and down to get there - on a road built in 1996. Who built this road? Romans? (There has been a lighthouse at the tip since the romans, so why not?). Had my mother not been disabled, we would have walked the entire distance of it to "See what there was to see". As it was, I only spent 15 minutes because I did not want to keep my mother waiting too long. But oh, how I would have loved to see what there was to see.... It was long long, and my legs ichted and aced after walking there. At least I have photographs of it.

There were sheep - quite hard to get by because they were scared of humans. Hm :-/ I managed to photograph these by sneaking into a fruit yard and photograph through a fence :-) So cute. They are more long-legged than any sheep I know, and quite slender. It also seems as though they shed their wool, like faroese sheep, instead of being sheared.

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