March 07, 2007

Rosy Fingered Dawn

There was a knitalong for Rosy Fingered Dawn back in 2005 - inspired by the original Secret Stole - along (Which I was first to finish, weee). I got my kit from Blackberry Ridge (Dangerous website!), and promptly started to knit. And knit. Soon, it became Very Boring, somewhere in the middle of the second colour (!). Nonetheless, I have plugged on in spurts and starts - a little here, a little there, a lot last christmas, and nothing at all in 2006.

Now, however, it has been pulled back out (For who knows how long?) and I have spent yesterday and today knitting three spacer rounds between the 4th and 5th colour - it was a nightmare. I had heard that some have run out of that colour, but also some that have haft leftovers enough for the others. I knit tightly, and did not think I would have a problem. There was 1", or 2,5 cm left over! I could barely make the last stitches, and had to resort to knotting the new yarn on. Now, the body of the shawl is finished - the 5th colour is only a narrow band of 13 rows. That seemed like very very much to me when I abandoned it, but meanwhile i have finished shawls with rounds so long, that they took one hour apiece to complete. Nothing can scare me now ;-)

It IS a beautifull shawl, and as with many other projects, it has taken some time to realise that, even though I have made it, it is not crappy by default :-)
A little "fun" fact: The kit is not even mine. Not from what I know, at least! I ordered it together with a woman from Luxembourg, who then sent it to me.... And never responded to my queries of what I should transfer, and how. Never. It is not the priciest kit ever, at 46$, but somehow, I would really have liked to pay it. I dont think the lady desperately needs my money (Because then she would have taken care of getting it, right?), but it would feel better to have a clean conscience.

The handspun shawl has also grown immensely - I am at 63 (?) rows now, but have concentrated on organ playing, and knitting the Rosy Fingered Dawn. That makes 3 shawls in Progress - Christening Shawl, by Gladys Amedro, Rosy Fingered Dawn, and the Triangular Shawl. Certainly keeps me busy!

Have a really nice day

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