March 08, 2007

New Knitty is live.

Oh, I became all excited when the new Knitty was live!
I have known Knitty almost since I started knitting, and I think the first issue I saw was Summer 2003, when I was asked to translate the "Broadripple" pattern for a danish knit bud.

Knitty has changed since then, and I cannot say that I think it has become better.

BMP : Stranded socks with an irregular pattern - Geeky, Nerdy, sure, but they will stretch weirdly and fit weirdly, too. Ok, honestly? It might be too "hip" for me ;-)

Carolyn: We've seen it before: Striped Cardigan. Ok... Good for a beginner, boring for everyone else.

Tahoe: Cardigan. Ok, there is not a pattern just like it on Knitty yet, but there is one in S n' B, for example.

: Super cute tank top! I love the ribbing detail, but the removable armies? Eh, not so.

Torque: Good idea, but it does not mix with my ideas of functionality. Unshaped sleeves and an unshaped body, no I dont think so. Worth a modification, though - I still have a bunch of fat blue yarn :-)

: Cute. Bad pictures, though. Looks like it bunches up underneath the models breasts.

Ester: Unflattering, and, for me, totally unusable shape. Nice yarn, though ;-)

: Ew. Ew. Ugh. Ewewewew. MUCH too big on the model, terribly unflattering, and you can just see how she struggles to keep it on her body.

Monica: Me Likey! Very pretty, and so cute on a little girl.

Briar Rose: This sweater has potential, but the original sweater is really nothing I would knit for any little girl in my life. Badly executed, boxy top and much too short! But, it IS in danger of being re-designed to fit ME. I love the picot hems and the cute ribbing in the bottom.

Hey Mickey!: Skirts? Why skirts? They droop, catch on things and generally look, uh, homemade in the bad way.

: I like this pattern for having so many options, and for being so well thought-through. It is really a cute pattern - a bit unfinished for my taste, but I could add hems, ribbing, substitute stitch patterns etc. if I were so inclined, right? One of the good patterns in this issue. A real workhorse.

: A solid (hehe) pattern, good for bringing awareness to this topic for new spinners. A plus for this issue, but nothing I'd ever use - I have my own favourites.

: Not all that bad. I made a pair of ribbed handwarmers suitable for organ playing last christmas for my teacher, but had I seen this pattern, I might have considered using it. That's a big big praise for a, ehm, HANDWARMERS pattern.

Paper Bag
: Nice idea! Looks very stylish. (But the model looks like she dressed up in her mothers clothes)

Bauble: Surely some people would want to make it - I am not one of those. Boring.

Queen of Cups: Socks, socks, socks. I am bored to tears by all those sock patterns - because, really, when I need handknitted socks I'll do a long ribbed leg, stockinette foot... And that's it. Tried the other thing, and it never fits. Done with it. How many sock patterns does Mankind need? Same goes for Quill Lace Socks and Clessidra.

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Emily said...

I liked the knee socks. I'd never make them for myself, but my sister is cool enough to wear them. And they looked interesting enough that I wouldn't try to pull out all my hair because I was knitting really really long socks.