March 02, 2007

Better, but not good.

A few weeks ago, I knit a "Cameron" cap - a warm, wooly hat with shortrowed earflaps. Supposedly for me...

The first had twice as many rows in the earflaps than the pattern said, and was so large that it enveloped my head totally, plus my neck and only let my nose peek out. So, I tried again. This time around, it was so small that it would barely fit over my head, and makes me look like a pinhead.

Well, not to be defeated, I took out the bottom part of the hat - by inserting a circular into the row after the short-row earflaps, snipped a stitch and unravelled the rown, ending up with the drown of the hat on my circular. I knitted down a bit, knitted the short-rows earflaps top-down in my own fashion, and knitted a hem.

And now? Still too big. Plus the fact that this style makes me look like a pin-head, no matter how big the hat! Omph, That Does Not Make Me Happy.

Plus side? I can give these away as christmas gifts, I hope! The little blue one might be good for my nephew :-)

I still love this pattern for being easy, fun, adaptible etc., but it is just not suited for my head. I will not rule out that I could knit more hats like these, though, if the right recipients surface, because they can be knit in one evening.

But, now I am off with my chock-packed backpack, as there is LøveBrøl tomorrow, where a friend of mine and I will participate. A scout event for the not-faint-of-heart, and oh how I look forward to it :-)

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Emily said...

If i already sent this forgive me - but I closed the window without waiting for the "confirmed" bit.

hats make great gifts - even if they are "one size fits no all." Have a great weekend! Your trip sounds like a real adventure!