March 08, 2007


Ok, how come I have 16,44% visits from Edmonton? It shows up as a really big, fat dot on my Google Analytics page, and since I have a love affair with Canada I would really like to find out who sits in Edmonton and watches my Blog.

Also a Hi! to the reader in Santiago, Chile - I am considering going there next spring and visit my travelling friend, whom I visited in Taiwan last spring.

Not to forget the reader in Cranberra (I think), Australia. AND, all the others in US, Denmark, and northern Germany - and a single reader in Airlie, Scotland(?).

Google analytics is really a fun tool, and I love to see all the places my readers come from - It is "The World Come Home".

Have a really nice day



The Silent Knitter said...

Hej Lene
Den er rigtig flot den stribede (ja du ser osse godt ud *smiler*) Smart ide med rib i siderne.
Mange hilsner
Hanne V, Ã…rhus

Lynne said...

Any chance you could tell me more about Google analytics? Have never heard of it.