March 10, 2007


Ever seen a Lopi? I have knitted two of these - one fairly traditional in cream, moss green and rust (My own colour scheme - rather pretty), and a blue one with pink norwegian stars across the chest, as well as bands of green leaves on a light green background around neck, chest, wrists and belly.

Then I had lots and lots left over! There have been felted bags, warm hats, doll sweaters etc.

But now most of the leftovers have been incorporated into this fabulous raglan - from - the - top - down. With short rows in the neck, ribbed sides, and always striped in 3 rows and 5 rows, striped randomly. As I ran out of some colours, they were doubled with others (This yarn is Plötulopi, thin strands of unspun wool that needs to be doubled for durabillity).

I like this sweater, it is just the right size, flatters, fits, is warm and very cheery :-)

So, if you have lofts of leftovers - striped sweaters are usually the way to go, even if you only have little left, because babies also like striped sweaters - or scarves, dolls etc.

Have a really nice day



Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!! The colors are marvelous!

(emily - yarnmiracle)

Knitting Keeps me Sane said...

Is your blogger acc. broken since you have to post as anonymous? :-( BUT, thanks for the comment - the colours went surprisingly well together and the fit is good :-)

Mother of Chaos said...

Beautiful! And the fit is perfect! What an awesome use for your leftovers...far better than mine (put in box, ignore forever). :)