March 12, 2007


Languages? They just cannot be compared. That is why five different persons can translate the same text in 5 different ways. It is also why there is no word like the above in English.

Fernweh is german and means "Longing/hurting for the far(away)". Sometimes, I must confess of suffering from Fernweh - it has brought me to Taiwan recently, and to some 15 other countries. Very early wednesday I will fly to Mallorca - the German's biggest holiday area, an island in Spain. My parents booked this some time ago for themselves - something for them, a week alone, something they VERY rarely do. My grandfather came down very very sick Friday a week ago, and is still on intensive care, so my father decided he would not go. Originally, my mother agreed, but yesterday evening a change ocurred and she asked me if I would go with her if they could make a namechange. They could. While I am VERY sad that my father cannot go and enjoy this week with my mother, I am also completely enthralled and very enthusiastic about going. I even bought my first ever pair of capri shorts - they cover my knees, and, in my opinion, look... good! So all is well, and if you need me in the next week... Look at the pool B-) <-- smiley with sunglasses

Have a really nice week



The Silent Knitter said...

Hej igen Lene
Det bliver da en hel vane det her med at skrive hos hinanden ;-) Jeg vil ønske dig og Ute en rigtig god ferie. Mange hilsner fra Hanne i Århus

Anonymous said...

Capris are great! And really cute. I am sorry that your grandfather is sick - I hope he is getting better though and that you can enjoy your tirp in spite of how it happened that you got to go.
(emily - I don't know what's up withh some fo the blogger comments lately)