January 16, 2007

You can't be too old for toys.

Especially not those, who appeal to the sense of logic and, by the way, are really good at doubling as squishy toys.
My Aunt, eg. my mothers older sister, has a Quilt Shop (The homepage is terrible, does not work with FireFox, and she knows it because I tell her every time we meet). Update!! One of my friends FIXED it for her!! Well. In this shop, she has lots of fabric, lots of books, and a few funny things. One of those things is an "Impossiblius" (Umulius, in danish). It is a handsewn conundrum. No matter how long you sit and fold the little squares back and forth, they will always reveal a whole side of one of the 6 colours used for the toy. You can fold... fold... fold... fold... It will always show a new face. I have sewn three of these now (A big achievement for a non-quilter). One for my nephew in pale blues and a vivid red, one for my best friend in happy and vivid colours (Both with the 2" block size). Then, I made one with the fabric leftovers in the 1 1/5" block size. There is also a 4" block size, but that one is quite huge.

I love this toy!

I am also trying to learn how the Blogger Photo Upload works. It threw all my pictures around and made it hard to see the way the Impossiblius changes. If you look closely and have a mind that is able to think logical, you should see how I can fold it in the middle, fold it over the middle, straighten it out and smoosh it together again. If you notice my crappy stitching, just close your eyes - I was watching Tv while doing it. The others are prettier.

Should anyone be interested in also making themselves an "Umulius", it can be ordered by sening an E-mail to Kerstin from their web-page. The instructions are in German, but the pictures are very clear and looking up single words on the net should make it vrey easy to understand. She will also ship from Denmark to keep postage down for danes and other scandinaves. (This little toy started a regular craze in our family, and every female member is now making one / has made one / will make one :-)

Patchwork is fun, as long as it works out as it is meant to do. I am working on piecing the squares for my wolf fabric quilt, and just cannot get triangles and corners to work out. On the other hand, I have sewn most of a gigantic quilt top for my niece - in collaboration with my grandma, aunt and mother. It was perfect: We started late, designing it from scratch. My grandma fell and broke her arm, my aunt came down sick and my mother was as busy as never before. I faithfully paper pieced little houses and trees (And discarded more than one). I sewed tiiny little octagonal stars, and two gigantic octagonal stars. I sewed endlessly long borders on... and was free :-) The others did the applique and quilting, weee heee. I honestly would have thoght them out of their minds if they had asked me to quilt it, too.

Have a really nice day.


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