January 15, 2007

...and she fell in.

The oberservant among you might have noticed that I have not joined the "Knit From Your Stash"-craze. Mainly because it wouldnt last long until I would have to resort to "oddball" projects.

I did, however, add to my (once mighty) stash :-)

"Firenze" yarn

I am planning a striped cotton longsleeved tee out of this, hopefully. There should be plenty of yarn - I have a pound - and the offwhite paired with the dusty blue should not scream "fake sailor shirt" :-O

This yarn is very funny, because is consists of three relatively thick plies of cotton that were plied with a thin sparkly thread, overplied and then plied very loosely with each other. I fear that it might pill, but the tiny swatch I made looks good - and is SOFT. Normally I would have scoffed at this yarn, but I wanted something for the summer that I would actually wear, something pretty and substantial, and besides, this yarn cost only 17,40$ all in all :-)

Have a really nice day


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