January 10, 2007

Post Overflow

I know this is hilarious.

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Start wearing panties again.

Get your resolution here.

But it is also hilarious that I am on my 3rd post for today, Ooops!

But there is so much... and this new blog is so much fun.

There are now 16 little rolls of wool (my mother made 5 that came with the wool) on some finnish, incredibly fine-teethed carders a local woman gave us. That said, the rolls are not big. I estimate that I will end up past 50 (eeek) once I have sorted all the wool into 6 bunches of varying colours (six shades between almost white and coffe with a stint of milk). I swear that this sheep must have had polka dots! I would have loved to see that sheep, but since it lives (lived?) in Aus. that isnt going to happen.

I also added twist to a humongous skein of one-ply yarn, and will ply it with another ply of the same yarn when I have added twist to it. I had 200 grams of it and wanted it to be a single, but somehow it became tighter and tighter twisted for each skein, so I sighed deeply and changed plans. (Didnt come easily).

Tomorrow I wont get as much done (or post as much), as I'll go riding in the morning (weee) and in the evening, the guinea pigs and I will take the bus (ewww) home. Normally it would not bother me that much, but I must pack all stuff for scout camp, for organ pratice, and piano, PLUS hay and wood chips for the guinea pigs, their sleeping bag (They are not going to scout camp with me, though ;). All that must somehow fit into my backpack. Having two bags and the pigs in their carry on case is not going to happen.

Have a really nice.. Night!


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