January 11, 2007

I'm brown...

I am still carding along on the brown wool, but there is a quite long way to go. I cannot load those fine cards with a whole lot, so I must make lots of little rolls. I take my sweet time with it. I have no idea of how much wool there is, but if there is enough (and my mother lets me use the yarn), I think I will make a Pi Shawl with it, starting with the lightest end.

This is how it looks while I am working with it. Somehow all the little piles of wool look the same colour, but it is certainly not that way in real life.

It looks glorious in my minds eye, a large, round shawl knit out of a yarn that ever so subtely changes into a mid-dark brown colour, a marled yarn where the middle section is almost one colour (it will be a long section I think), the middle will be light (Intentionally, as the rows in the middle are the shortest and will make the most out of my precious few light rolls). It will be self-edging, so no knitted-on edging. I am pretty good at estimating how much yarn I have left and hope to use up every single yard of yarn, making everything out of my precious few dark rolls, too. Maybe I should find a sheep with a darker brown and make some mixed rolls to create a really dark finished edge - the only natural brown fleece I have is coarse and very dark. Bummer. I must see what I can do with the little fleece I have. But now I cannot get the image of a beautifull round shawl out of my head.

To illustrate what a Pi Shawl is:


The beautifull and much envied shawl

It hangs on my wall today and brightens up my living room. It is my most favourite and most loved shawl I think, even though I have knitted not a few ones.

Have a really nice day


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Emily said...

A Pi Shawl (mmmm PIE Shawl) with gradual color changes would be lovely! I love how all the fleece looks like fat and fluffy sausages.